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Why do Japanese People Live Longer than Americans?

Why do Japanese People Live Longer than Americans?

As the longest lived nation in the world, Japan has captured the attention of researchers around the world who want to discover their secret to living longer and healthier lives. According to the World Health Organization’s data from 2016, the average life expectancy in Japan is 84.2 years. Life expectancy in the United States is nearly 6 years less at 78.5 years, and that number puts the United States in 31st place. What about the Japanese lifestyle extends their lives by so many years?

While suggestions have ranged from less stressful daily lives, stronger family relationships, and better sleep, the strongest association is with eating a healthy diet. The Japanese diet consists of abundant vegetables, rich protein sources like fish, and whole grains like rice. These critical nutrients seem to contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle in Japan with slimmer waistlines another advantage alongside long life. A study published in BMJ in 2016 established that there is a positive relationship between a healthy diet and longer life in Japan.

In the U.S., fewer than 1 in 10 adults eat enough vegetables to meet the CDC’s recommended daily allowance. Americans suffer from obesity and associated illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke at increasing and alarming rates, and research has shown over and over again that the American diet is a key factor contributing to this overall lack of health.

A significant difference between American and Japanese longevity, then, appears to be related to the quantity of vegetables consumed in each culture. In fact, in order to increase their vegetable consumption, the Japanese began to supplement their diets with a rich and complex nutrient source they call Aojiru. In Japanese, Aojiru means green juice, and that’s exactly what they invented: green juice. By blending young barley leaves with other natural ingredients, Aojiru concentrates vital nutrients into a healthy supplement that can be taken daily to improve overall health.

Research has shown that better diets lead to longer lives, and one of the ways the longest-lived people ensure that their diet is the best possible is by drinking Aojiru every day. A 2006 study of drug-store customers and their purchases revealed that more than 55.5% of people used Aojiru supplements on a regular basis, and the popularity of Aojiru has only increased since then. In fact, Aojiru was first invented in 1943 by a Japanese doctor who hoped to cure several illnesses suffered by people in his family. In 1950, Japan’s life expectancy was 61.15. As the consumption of Aojiru has spread, the life expectance across Japan has also skyrocketed, reaching 82.28 in 2005 when nearly half of Japan’s population was consuming Aojiru daily. In the same time that Japan’s people have added more than 23 years to their life expectancy, life expectancy in the U.S. has increased by less than half of those years.

Taking Aojiru daily is part of Japanese culture, and the use of this nutritional supplement has only supported the amazing health and long life that the Japanese benefit from. And now Jiru gives you access to the same advantages that have helped Japan become the longest-lived and most healthy developed nation!

Jiru nutritional supplements capture all the health benefits of Aojiru and bring those benefits to the U.S., where the goal of living a long, healthy life is a daily struggle. Jiru relies on Young Barley Leaves, just like the original Aojiru formula, while also incorporating

  • matcha, green tea that stimulates and supports metabolism
  • Kumazasa powder, bamboo shoots that have antibacterial properties and support immunity
  • Dextrin, which is digestion-resistant and so encourages a feeling of fullness and supports digestive movement and health
  • Lactobacillus, a probiotic which supports digestion health

This special combination of ingredients provides an extraordinary boost of vitamins and minerals in one packet, which can both support a healthy diet or contribute to a diet that may be lacking in sufficient servings of vegetables. How much easier is it to add one small glass of Jiru to your day rather than figuring out how to cook and eat more vegetables! Adding Jiru as your own daily supplement could help contribute to improving your health and extending your life.